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A Modern Hard Drive Inspired by the Floppy Disk


The floppy disk comes back around in this retro-inspired hard drive

Seoul-based designer Jin Woo Han didn’t want to be part of the last generation to remember a floppy disk. To honor the old-school technology and modernize the iconic square, his team at Ahhaproject created a modern storage disk that looks just like one. The floppy is an iconic symbol from the canon of data storage solutions, but with the popularity of cloud storage and efficient external hard drives, the hard truth is that it’s obsolete.

The inspiration for the project: not wanting to forget the retro wares that led to the creation of the 1TB storage drive. Remember those times when you had to copy a software program from a friend, and after, you would take extreme care to protect each floppy disk to preventing errors and glitches? Han wants people to at least remember those archaic times with a fond memory but a modern practical solution.

If it weren’t for the huge gains in storage capabilities and the technology we would still be using thousands of disks to contain just one simple program.


Originally published at www.psfk.com on March 11, 2016.