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3D-molded headphones provide a pain-free experience by floating above your ear


By resting on the bone structure of the skull, these headphones are indeed comfortable

Headphones are used for many activities, whether it’s gaming with cross-country buddies or or just passing the time on the morning commute. Yet, lots of personal listening devices on the market currently cause pain if they are worn for extended periods of time. This pain comes in the form of excessive heat or pressure which come from the clamping force of the headband pushing inward on your head. This discomfort makes listening to music while exercising, playing video games, and numerous other activities not ideal.

Yazz Imamura, founder of the VIE SHAIR, a new headphone company that promises a pain-free headphone set, tells PSFK:

“I came up with the idea to create a social headphone that could be worn by a large number of people. It would be designed to broadcast music within a group in unison, be comfortable for even athletes to wear, and allow the wearer to hear important sounds around them.”

The headphone design envelops the ear with contact points resting on the bone structure of the skull, not on soft tissue, which allows the speaker to float just off your ear — making them comfortable to wear for hours on end.


With the VIE SHAIR, listeners can easily switch between two configurations. A user can switch between open air and closed air listening depending on their environment and listening situation.

The open air frame allows you to hear sounds around you and interact with your environment — it’s for taking strolls around the neighborhood, or being able to hear the boss at the office.

The closed air frame reduces ambient noise and provides privacy; its for times when you want to be undisturbed.

This feature adds versatility to the product.


This device is a social headphone. You can broadcast music to an unlimited number of similar headsets within a 100ft radius. It also allows users to wirelessly broadcast music to others. This creates limitless opportunities for sharing music in new and creative ways.



VIE SHAIR is designed for the person whose fashion sense is in line with their musical tastes. From the 3D frame to five full-color LED lights, the headphones offer a sleek, futuristic look.


The headphones use Yamaha’s advanced MACH-5 codec, and large, directional flat speakers provide superior sound quality. The speaker leverages planar magnetic technology and focuses the sound directly toward your ear, minimizing sound leakage.

Imamura says, “We worked diligently on headphone design for one and a half years. Countless prototypes later, we’re proud to say that our final design has stayed true to our original vision and really delivers.”


Originally published at www.psfk.com on March 11, 2016.