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Platform Bets Big on Branded Social Loyalty


Might this app deliver companies better targeted user engagement and reach?

Tagly aims to reinvent the way brands engage with customers on social media. It seeks to be the first social platform dedicated to exclusively showcasing social media content created by brands and businesses.

Here’s the case for the application: In the age of selfies, user-generated content, and social-led fashion campaigns, social networks prioritize user-created content over commercial content from brands. This, of course, is awful for brands. Brands are focused on creating content that’s valuable to consumers, but most of it gets lost in long social media feeds, alongside posts of political rants, cats or family updates. Yet, there is a sizeable audience that goes to great effort to consume social content from the fashion and lifestyle brands they love. Tagly’s mission is to meet the needs of that audience, elevating brand content and creating a seamless, immersive experience for users to focus on what they love. To do this, the service gives users control — allowing them to personalize their feed to an unprecedented degree.

Users will get a personalized social feed for the best modern fashion and lifestyle brands allowing users to share, chat, and engage around the brands and content they love. They can follow exactly what they would like to by choosing from over 1,000 fashion and lifestyle brands. Tagly users follow a mix of luxury brands, classic American labels, emerging designers, and popular fashion publications. With Tagly, users can share and chat about posts directly in the app, and get a second (or third) opinion on that new shirt you want.

In 2014, Facebook announced a change in its algorithm that caused a dramatic drop of organic reach in its News Feed. This means the percentage of people that could be reached for free posts now are a single digit. Facebook says users with lots of friends and page likes can be hit with as many a 15,000 potential stories when they log on. As a result of these changes, many brand pages began asking followers to turn on notification settings to keep their content from heading to the News Feed blackhole.

This platform could give consumers the power to create and personalize feeds with the brands they love, similar to a personal, interactive magazine. Its proprietary machine-learning technology analyzes and tags posts from brands so that users can follow the things that matter to them: events, sales, trends, and announcements. From within that customized feed, Tagly creates Daily Collections, a mix of the best posts from the brands they follow, and posts from brands they have yet to discover. Users can also chat with one another directly in the app, an easy way to share what they love, and discover their next fashion obsession.

Mark Alhermizi, Founder and CEO of Tagly says,

“We need a better social media experience for both consumers and brands who want to connect with each other.

Instead of wasted impressions, consumers select categories they actively want to follow, including events, deals, and trends. This gives brands access to targeted engagement and 100% organic reach.”

The service will launch by this summer with its online dashboard for brands and businesses to create exclusive content. The app comes from Detroit-area IZI Mobile, which also created the apps GIF GIF GIF & Tweet Notes.


Originally published at www.psfk.com on March 14, 2016.