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Pipeline, Preparation and Placements: Rethinking Tech Talent

By 2020, it's expected that 1 million computer science and IT-related jobs will go unfilled, despite the surge of investment in new digital services, cloud migration and mobile app development.

With the demand for skilled technical employees far outpacing the supply, companies are starting to review hiring practices and requirements in order to open the door for more candidates to join their ranks. At the same time, current and future job seekers are turning to non-traditional education to gain the necessary skills companies are looking for.

Dev Bootcamp and Kenzan are partnering to host this event and bring together NYC-area tech companies, educational resources and industry experts for a conversation about the technology skills gap.

Kevin McKenna

Director of Operations, Kenzan

Kenzan is a software engineering and full service digital consulting firm that provides customized, end-to-end solutions that drive change through digital transformation. Specializing in application development, PaaS, continuous integration and delivery, cloud virtualization, and big data, Kenzan empowers companies to put technology first. 



Bie Awah

Career Developer, Dev Bootcamp

Dev Bootcamp’s mission is to transform lives by teaching people of all backgrounds the technical, cognitive, and interpersonal skills used in software development so they can thrive in the tech economy.



Nora Studholme,

Curriculum Manager, Andela

Andela provides companies with access to the top 1% of global tech talent, identifying high-potential developers on the African continent, shape them into world-class technical leaders, and pair them with companies as full-time, distributed team members. 


Brian Shoicket,

Head of Special Projects, Uncubed

Uncubed's mission is to make work human. With their video-first job platform, anyone can gain skill-bulding insights directly from innovative companies. It’s a powerful way to both acquire skills and to find new jobs – companies on Uncubed are hiring for open roles across digital skillsets.