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From Finance into Tech: Hear from These Engineers Who Made the Switch

You’re invited to join Dev Bootcamp & Wework for an evening panel to learn what it's like to be a career changer and make a transition out of traditional roles in finance/consulting into tech. Please RSVP HERE

Renowned Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen once wrote “software is eating the world.”

And as it turns out, he was right.

Hear from folks across the finance spectrum--analysts, traders, accountants--who learned how to code at Dev Bootcamp. Learn why they shifted career gears into the tech industry, why they decided coding bootcamp was the way to go, and what challenges and successes they've had along the way.


Technology is infused in every part of the modern workplace - and the simple truth is: in the business world, either you drive disruption, or you become displaced by it - but, fear not, technical skills can be learned and switching careers is an achievable goal.

You'll hear from Dev Bootcamp alumni working on the cutting edge of disruption in roles where teamwork, innovation and coding is at the center of their day to day. These panelists moved from diverse backgrounds into tech firms like Wework, Cortlandt Labs and Betterment; these companies are disrupting the market and changing the way we do business, ship product and create community. 

That’s why the team here at Dev Bootcamp believes you deserve a meaningful career.


Leah Goldberg, Software Engineer @ Betterment

Tanya Trinkle, Software Engineer @ Wework

Jonathan Chen, Software Engineer @ Cortlandt Labs

Victor Yang, Software Engineer @ Casper

Sunny Israni, Instructor @ Dev Bootcamp

Who Should Attend:

If you currently work in Finance or Consulting, are considering a career change, or find yourself exploring a coding bootcamp as an option for you and your career trajectory, or want to meet cool people, this event is for you.

Analysts, resourcing specialists, accountants, associates, spreadsheet warriors

If you have demonstrated logical thinking skills or a strong analytical capacity in your daily responsibilities, coding could be a great option for you. Our material is accessible and can apply to many different roles across sectors. Whether as a software engineer, a project manager or a role that demand technical and computing literacy-technology, and the code that runs it, touches every part of the modern enterprise. Come be part of the action.

Learn how the program helped our alumni become capable of working in the technology industry making beautiful and meaningful things.