Pen is mightier than the sword.

Wear images and animated GIFs on your sleeves (and more)

Oldschool pins get a user-driven update

For a long time now, buttons and pins have been used to display both support for a cause or defiance against a system. Now, these familiar little badges are getting an update. With Pins Collective, you can create, share and wear animated GIFs, or any image you choose, on your shirt.

The badge functions as a fashionable accessory that spotlights the user’s identity, defines their personality and allows them to change the design on display in a quick moment.

There are many uses for a mutable pin like this: pinning it to bags, wearing as a necklace desktop reminder, as a ‘baby on board’ notice on transport. The round 3.4 inch screen is semi-reflective and semi backlit. This makes the screen very versatile as the image gets sharper when sunlight hits it. As the little device is backlit it also is said to work well indoors.

The many designs are created through the app. In it is a creator tool that lets you create your own based on your preferences of styles, messages or any picture you might have taken recently. You can choose to keep your designs to yourself or share them with the community or your followers. Those days you may not be feeling all that inspirational, you can browse through other designs and upload their material to your own pin.

Pins Collective

Originally published at www.psfk.com on March 9, 2016.