Pen is mightier than the sword.

Let your next game day be overtaken by an immersive viewing experience


Next game day, watch from all angles and replays of replays

LiveLike introduces a VR stadium experience that lets you talk to your friends in your own virtual suite on a virtual couch, view stats together, and even shop for products.

With the arrival of this technology, the experience of watching sports with others in a virtual setting could be arriving very soon. In these VR environments, users can control their viewing experience by changing the camera angle at will. By “traveling” to the corner of the virtual room, users can enjoy highlights and replays and also switch camera angles during that given replay.

LiveLike gives a fuller realization of what that medium might afford sports fans, fusing sports-watching and VR to bring you an experience that will make you never turn on your TV again.

While the idea of watching sports in VR isn’t totally novel, as observed in the ways virtual reality will impact live entertainment, or how the NBA is bringing its fans court-side, it’s still here to stay and this is evidence of said growth.

This method of content delivery could change the spirit of the game forever by getting people not only emotionally invested in the game but through the headset, having all their senses overwhelmed by the immersion and the passion of gameplay.


Originally published at www.psfk.com on March 9, 2016.