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Shopping at True Religion Goes Sci-Fi with Smartwatches


The connected shopping experience is upon us, starting with this retailer

Soon, apparel retailer True Religion will start incorporating smartwatches into the shopping experience, in a initiative called Band by True Religion.

Various sales associates and stands will get Apple Watches for augmenting the knowledge of the brand. This will give visitors a VIP experience. It is not only for the customer and their experience; if a visitor has the True Religion app on their device, the Apple Watch will be able to detect the customers preferences and how they like to be contacted.

Sales teams will be equipped with this technology to help the customer with questions about the products or availability. For example, If the customer has questions on a specific pair of jeans, the salesperson could summon information on the watch and then display images of the jeans the customer would like on a display in the store.

The gadget will be sync up with the company’s inventory system. If a customer wants to buy a jean that is not in the store, the sales associate can use the the other methods available to them and send it to the customer for deliver within two days. The initiative will begin in April, starting with Los Angeles and New York City, according to Apparel News.

Inside of True Religion store via Shutterstock

Originally published at www.psfk.com on March 15, 2016.