Pen is mightier than the sword.

Maker Chat: Alex Girardeau of VR Bible

The process of creating an immersive experience takes many interdisciplinary skills. It requires design thinking, technical capabilities, and artistic considerations. Alex Girardeau, the content manager of VR Bible and a curator for VR Related, brings all these skills to the table.

Alex is a recent transplant to the NYC tech scene. He spent most of his early efforts studying therapeutic applications for VR. He then found there were other ways to take advantage of the new emerging medium of VR. This discovery took him down the path of becoming a virtual reality and 360 video specialist. Now, he works with teams to develop games for HTC Vive, Google cardboard, Oculus and other hardware. Like other creators, Alex uses Unity to bring creations to life.

Currently, as his main gig he creates content for Montreal-based Imagine 360 working to make immersive experiences and 360-degree videos. He is currently engaging in projects via Meetup groups and assembling teams. One of which is a time travel experience that puts viewers in pre-industrial Manhattan, before it became the sprawling metropolis it is today.

We talked about how VR will change the process of designing, his projects, and How VR and the creation of a new reality can impact our understand the human experience.