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Black History Month And Thinking Beyond "Diversity Trainings"

In celebration of Black History Month, Abernathy and Dev Bootcamp are creating the much-needed space for a conversation focused on technology's power to change your career path and life. The Destiny, Technology & Empowerment panel on February 22nd in New York City will highlight how acquiring in-demand technology skills, embracing lifelong learning, and investing in your education can serve as tools for empowerment and provide opportunities for upward mobility.  

Inclusion Strategist Willie Jackson will moderate the discussion. As both President and CEO of Equity Impact Group and Founder & Publisher of Abernathy—a New York-based media company that produces sophisticated content and events for black professionals—Jackson brings deep experience examining workplace equity, global diversity, and multicultural millennial leadership.

Bie Aweh, a Career Developer at Dev Bootcamp’s New York campus, will speak on the panel and share examples of how she uses her professional and personal passions to enhance lives, solve problems, and drive growth by bringing people of diverse identities together.  She says, "It's time to help audiences think beyond obligatory 'diversity trainings' and 'unconscious bias trainings', we need to empower people to see dialogue as opportunities for self and professional development." See her Tech Spotlight to learn more about her outlook.

Chris Coles, a Dev Bootcamp alumni, believes people are the sum of their experiences and through these experiences, individuals become connected to each other. Working as an engineer with cross-functional expertise in Application Design, Systems Design, UI Design, Architecture Design, and Product Management, he brings an understanding of bridging various social, cultural, professional, and economic circles, to build products and connections that lead to powerful collaboration and exchange. See his Tech Spotlight to learn more about his outlook.

Rob Kleiman