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Culture and Code

How Do Diverse Teams Lead To Transformational Products?

2017-06-22 Dagomatic - Dev Bootcamp -95.jpg

Culture & Code

While working at Dev Bootcamp I discovered that “diversity” encompasses identity as well as differences of opinions, perspectives, and backgrounds. I came to this realization through talking with our customers and industry partners day in and day out. 

In thinking through what this meant to our community, I put together an event focused on showcasing how transformational products and businesses are not merely created through talent alone. Instead, greatness manifests from a team’s diversity of thought and perspectives. This combination gives ideas and solutions the cultural context needed to create lasting impact and sustained business value,  not merely created through 

We explored how the diversity of thought, perspective and life experiences influence teams, and those who lead them, to create the products, experiences, and businesses that make a difference by welcoming differences into the workplace.

The tech industry still has a long way to go, but I am proud and excited by the progress so far. This event motivated me to continue moving forward with active input from our community members. I take comfort in being part of that movement, and all the positive karma and intention our organization put out into the world. The world needs it, and it's been so fantastic help make it happen.