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Brand Disruptors: Going Direct to Consumer

Brand Disruptors

Brand Disruptors are forging direct relationships with today's consumers - moving quickly to put a new spin on traditional marketing practices.

With even more ways to interact and serve customers - brands offer solutions to a number of lifestyles, hobbies and needs, providing choice and convenience to consumers.


  • Jesse Horwitz, Co-CEO/Founder, Hubble Contacts

  • Soraya Darabi, General Partner, Trail Mix Ventures

  • Adam Lovallo, Co-Founder, Grow.co; Founder, Thesis

  • Melanie Travis, CEO and Founder, ANDIE SWIM


Discussion to Included the following and more:

  • The different phases of building direct a Direct-to-Consumer business from rapid growth and expansion to a focus more on sustainability and profitability.

  • Which metrics matter today and which not so much.

  • With even fewer barriers to entry today, which industries or channels are going to be disrupted next?

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