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Rob Kleiman is a strategist and writer. 


How Can We Aim Higher?


Rob Kleiman

I enjoy cooking, exploring the city, traveling and arts. I like being outdoors and hiking. Maybe it’s my background in theater or the study of communication that shaped me, but for me, it’s all about people. I thrive in environments where I can collaborate, be social and work hard. I am looking forward to be able to support and create opportunity for our community. Though my background on paper may seem like I bounced around a bit, I believe all experience is cumulative. Now let's get to work!


I began my professional career at a NYC design agency where I served as the Project Coordinator on a team that developed visually engaging annual reports and websites for large corporations. A large part of my job here was conducting quality assurance on these web projects. I would check the engineer's CSS and HTML against our design specifications and mockups. It’s here that I learned about web developer tools and laid the groundwork for understanding the language of web development.

Feeling like I wanted to do more to help people, I moved back home to South Carolina and founded Creators' Clubhouse, an employment website and professional development company that offered career resources and networking opportunities (mostly in-person events) for a rapidly growing community of creative professionals. One of our most successful events was a latte art competition (what can I say...I do love coffee!) During that time I set out to build a digital marketplace where clients and freelancers could connect with one another. 

This process led me down a road of learning basic Ruby on Rails, Heroku, and Amazon Web services and served as a crash course in the complexities and unique problems solving skills required in the life of a coder. I distinctly remember troubleshooting a line of Javascript, which was holding up our launch date, and upon resolving the issue, dancing around the room with excitement. In the end, despite my best entrepreneurial enthusiasm and most noble of efforts, the numbers didn’t work out, and I decided to move on. The experience was invaluable, though, as it pushed me to learn about tons of topics simultaneously, many of which apply directly to my new role with DBC. 

Needing a big change of pace, I moved back to NYC to attend the Startup Institute's Technical Marketing program - having lived the curriculum, through my startup experience, I jumped headfirst into the local tech community. I made it my job to meet people across sectors and learn about their ambitions, work, passions, and challenges. 

It became clear that content and community were my strong suits, and after my time with the bootcamp, I began to freelance as a content strategist. I wrote for a consulting firm called PSFK where I covered exciting topics like emerging technologies and digital transformation, I turned out over 90 pieces during that time. I also worked at a CRM company deepening my abilities to create content in line with business goals. I am actively involved with the Advertising Club of New York and hope to use this affiliation to help Dev Bootcamp and its students.  


Glad you're here.